The combination of multiple points of view is necessary for the success of a business. We bring to your business the vision of the best professionals with experience in different areas of practice.

areas of law

Our team focuses on advising national and foreign clients on the different labor issues that are mandatory for Colombian enterprises, e.g. (advice on hiring personnel, the management of individual and collective relationships, the implications of the execution of labor contracts in Colombia, the adoption of policies and different labor committees, audits, Due Diligence, among others.

In addition to advice on daily requirements in the management of labor relations, our team assist our clients in investigations and disciplinary processes, negotiations for the termination of employment contracts, collective dismissals, voluntary retirement plans, restructuring, harassment processes, design, modification and implementation of benefit plans. Likewise, we have extensive experience in representing clients before the labor jurisdiction and before the administrative authorities, we carry out conciliations hearings before the Ministry of Labor, thus advice and represent companies and individuals before the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP)

In terms of social security, our team advises affiliates to the pension system in the management for the recognition of old-age and disability pensions and represents them before the competent authorities for the correction and / or reassessment of their benefits; We advise companies with pension obligations under their responsibility in the normalization of pension liabilities; we accompany clients in claims to the health system for economic benefits; We advise companies in the accompaniment of their workers in qualification processes of loss of work capacity and / or origin of the illness or accident; The team also has certified professionals in the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (SG-SST).

We have extensive experience advising the most representative national and international companies in matters of labor and social security issues described. Additionally, we have the privilege of being the only representative in Colombia of the international alliance Ius Laboris, the main international network of law firms specializing in labor law, providing comprehensive advice with international projection through all sectors of the economy.

An opportunity for growth in the industry is related to digital technology, where initiatives are being presented focused on offering a new model of customer service, in order to face the challenges with new services and needs of increasingly sophisticated consumers. E.g. Of these initiatives are the Insurtech, which are the new companies and startups that are responsible for injecting technological innovations in the sale of insurance.

The insurance sector in Colombia is made up of insurance companies, insurance and reinsurance intermediaries, and representative offices of foreign reinsurers and insurance, reinsurance and foreign intermediary companies that can act locally through the registers special.

Currently, the country has registered 24 general insurance companies, 20 life insurance companies, and two insurance cooperatives. Additionally, there are 49 insurance and reinsurance brokerage companies and 19 representation offices of foreign reinsurers. In the last decade the sector grew significantly with an increase of 12.3% and a penetration of premiums over the GDP of 2.79%. This growth has been leveraged by the increase in the population with greater ability to pay and, to this extent, personal insurance such as car policies, individual health and life, are generating more dynamics to the market.

Our practice in the area of litigation, arbitration and insolvency is outstanding and internationally recognized.

We are experts in risk management. We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their business, identify potential areas of legal exposure and create creative strategies to manage their risks.

Our team has litigators experts in disputes related to insolvency proceedings, executive processes. Our lawyers are not only big litigants, they are also business lawyers who combine their legal skills, business experience and litigation strategy to achieve our clients’ objectives.
We identify the best solution oriented to the client’s business -either in the context of litigation or through alternative means of conflict resolution- in order to achieve its legal and commercial objectives.

  • Advice on purchases and sales.
  • Advice on issues of shareholder activism.
  • Privatizations and capitalizations.
  • Joint Ventures.
  • Splits and reorganizations.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Exit strategies.
  • Organization of competitive processes.
  • Antitrust regulation.
  • Defense in hostile shots.

We are dedicated to offering the service of accompaniment and representation in each one of the hearings and actions before the family jurisdiction that compromise or affect the rights of our clients in each stage of the process. Our lawyers in Bogotá specialize in topics that fall within the family law. In addition, family lawyers in Bogotá have extensive experience handling the frequent legal problems that occur within a home.

The first step of the family lawyers in Bogotá is to carry out a complete analysis of their case and then to study the possible solutions that will define the legal strategy to settle the problem satisfactorily. Some of the cases that our family lawyers attend in Bogota are judicial proceedings before family judges, such as divorces with or without mutual agreement, successions with or without a will, lawsuits concerning custody, increase or exoneration of food allowances, interdiction for dementia or dissipation, among many other cases attributed to family judges by Colombian law. Our family attorneys in Bogotá are also experts in advice on shareholders’ meetings, family matters, preparation and advice on family protocols for family businesses, and prenuptial agreements.

Marriage, Marital Union, Divorce
  • Marriage and Marital Capitulations: Agreement that is established between the future spouses before a notary by virtue of which the economic regime of the marriage is decided.
  • Divorce: The termination of a marriage bond, is not a simple matter, to face this difficult life situation and get ahead you must put your case in the hands of lawyers Family Law.
  • Marriage: Union of two people that creates a conjugal bond. It can be done from abroad by proxy.
  • Marital union in fact: union formed between permanent partners, who without being married, make a permanent and singular community of life.
  • Marital society: it is the social patrimony existing between the spouses.
  • Equity partnership between permanent partners: Consists of equity or capital product of mutual work, aid and relief AND belongs in equal parts to both permanent partners.
  • Solemn inventory of goods: When a person has children, and this person decides to marry, it is necessary to carry out an inventory of the goods that they are administering, in this way it seeks to protect the patrimony of the minors.
  • Domestic Violence: Violence is exercised in the field of family coexistence or assimilated, by one of the members against others, against one of the others or against all of them.
Law of minors
  • Feeding Fee: It refers to the right that protects certain people to receive from another what is necessary to survive and live with dignity.
  • Permission to Leave the Country of Minors: This is the legally issued authorization presented by the legal representatives of a minor or the competent authority, before the Colombian immigration authority, upon leaving the country.
  • Custody of Minors: refers to the care of minors, which by law corresponds to parents.
  • International Restitution of Minors: Its objective is to prioritize and expedite the procedures with a view to restoring the minor to his natural domicile.
  • Deprivation of parental authority: parental authority can be deprived when there is a repeated breach of the duties of the parents, for example, lack of payment of maintenance, lack of compliance with the regime of personal relationships, manifest disinterest on the part of a parent.
  • Adoptions: it is an event that allows the establishment of filial parental ties, although there is no biological link.
  • Impugnation of paternity: request that the defendant be declared a non-child and that the birth record be corrected, additionally the sentence in damages.
Familie’s Patrimony
  • Inheritance: The inheritance consists in the transfer of assets, rights and undertaken obligations due to death. In an inheritance judicial process, the destination of the deceased’s assets (Causation) is determined.
  • Wills: Voluntary declaration of a person expressing what he wants to be done with his property after his death.
  • Family Property Planning: We provide advice for the proper administration of your estate. So that it can be preserved, optimized and transmitted to the next generation.
  • Inheritance before death: The living partition prevents carrying out fraudulent acts that harm others who have a legitimate interest in the equity that is distributed, and who can claim to reserve the usufruct.
Our services in this area include, among others, the following:
  • Studies of titles.
  • Structuring of urban and fiduciary projects.
  • Obtain licenses and urban planning procedures in general.
  • Englobes and desenglobes of properties.
  • Development, management and review of contracts of sale, lease, easements and mortgages.
Real estate sector is made up of segments, residential and non-residential. When talking about construction, in general, housing and civil works are the segments that achieve greater prominence. However, the building activities of non-residential works are also relevant and can give an account of how is the economy of a country, as they show how is the trade, storage and all those sectors that require offices for its operation; that is, it is related to the sectoral GDP.
  • We know the real estate market and the needs of our clients, which is why we have a portfolio of services to offer them all the legal solutions that allow them to develop their businesses efficiently and successfully. With this in mind, our real estate practice offers comprehensive advice and assistance in the structuring, negotiation, documentation and closing of all types of transactions related to the real estate industry.
    We provide comprehensive advice on important public and private real estate projects in Colombia, supporting the main developers, landowners, concessionaires and real estate investment funds, among other relevant actors in the sector. Our team has extensive experience in (i) commercial real estate law; (ii) urban law; (iii) agroindustry. The real estate team works in coordination with other specialized teams in different areas (taxes, litigation, arbitration and insolvency and banking and financial services, among others), which allows the extension and expansion of the services offered in order to serve the purposes of our clients.

We advise multinational companies in commercial transactions in the energy mining sector, including the allocation of mining titles and exploration and production contracts, the negotiation of contracts with state agencies, the drafting and negotiation of service contracts, the financing of projects and the management of day-to-day operations.

We assist our clients in the structuring, financing and development of upstream, midstream and downstream projects in the hydrocarbons sector. We provide comprehensive legal advice in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons projects in conventional, unconventional deposits, both onshore and offshore.

Regarding the mining extractive industry, we advise our clients in the development of mining projects, participating in transactions related to acquisitions of mining companies and we support global mining companies in regulatory matters relevant to the industry, as well as in the structuring of financing operations corporate and project financing.

  • We work hand in hand with leading international law firms advising clients on a variety of issues related to the mining-energy industry, including cross-border acquisitions, project financing, capital market transactions, as well as in relation to conflict resolution before tribunals and international arbitration panels.We have extensive experience in the completion of due diligence of oil, gas and mining projects, on regulatory issues and compliance, advising on the mitigation of risks associated with the activity, the ownership of the license, management and administration of the contract and the follow-up of procedures before the governmental authorities.We are permanently attentive to advise our clients in their daily operations, as well as in compliance issues with the regulations applicable to areas such as taxes, exchange control, industry-specific regulations and regulations on the prevention of money laundering, anti-corruption practices and financing of terrorism.

According to the experts, the purchase of a property through the judicial auction is one of the best options, by price and variety, because the appraisal that the court does is not an appraisal made by an expert appraiser to give the real price of the property, for its current conservation conditions and its commercial value.

The appraisal obtained from the property is made by the cadaster office of the corresponding municipality as it appears in the nomenclature bulletin and in application of Art 52 of Law 794 of 2003, the cadastral value is increased by 50% of the value, it is clear that 90% of the cadastral appraisals are almost 50% below the commercial appraisal of the property and this is the most significant advantage for the purchase of housing used by this means.

Another advantage is that appraisals were presented by the creditor (plaintiff) in previous years, and housing increases year after year. This gives an added value to the purchase of real estate through the public auction both to investors and to any person wishing to buy their home. However, it is important to be clear about the procedure to participate in a public auction where the person who purchases the home will be the one who offers the most money in a sealed envelope.

Our team is mainly oriented to advise business families taking into account the three fundamental factors that intervene in their patrimonial planning:

 (i) the company, (ii) the family and (iii) the property (property).

Our advice is focused on developing structures that result in a harmonious and efficient business exercise and, at the same time, in an optimal distribution of family assets.

  • Schemes of succession planning.
  • Shareholder agreements in family businesses.
  • Family assets protection schemes.
  • Marriage contract.
  • Wills.
  • Separations of voluntary goods.
  • Family protocols together with external advisors.
  • Elaboration of transnational planning schemes.
  • Schemes of tax and corporate planning for the reorganization of family businesses.
  • Tax and corporate advice on family business sale planning.
Heritage Management is a multidisciplinary practice that takes into account the family and its needs in an integral manner. The team that operates as a specialized firm, in which the lawyers provide a personalized service, guaranteeing total confidentiality, even within the same firm, when working on legal matters of the families.
We work so that the experience of more than 16 years of our professionals in different sectors of the economy and with clients from different industries, is reflected in each and every one of the solutions we provide, offering constant advice, confidentiality and direct attention.

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