It is an innovative space that offers effective and quality legal services, with a highly personalized, close and trustworthy treatment, adapted to the needs of each client, whose satisfaction is our best letter of introduction.
The business consultancy consists of a high level of professional commitment and personalized attention, comprehensively analyzes the corporate needs of our clients and gives customized solutions. We work so that the experience of more than 20 years of our professionals in different sectors of the economy and with clients from different industries, is reflected in each and every one of the solutions we provide, offering constant advice, confidentiality and direct attention.
Capital investment is considered as important financial tool, to promote the development of small and medium enterprises. These instruments, through which investors and companies share the risks and possible benefits of a commercial venture, help to create stable jobs, increase productivity, boost exports and generate indirect business opportunities in the medium and long term.
According to the experts, the purchase of a property through the judicial auction is one of the best options, by price and variety, because the appraisal that the court does is not an appraisal made by an expert appraiser to give the real price of the property, for its current conservation conditions and its commercial value.
We know the real estate market and the needs of our clients, which is why we have a portfolio of services to offer them all the legal solutions that allow them to develop their businesses efficiently and successfully. With this in mind, our real estate practice offers comprehensive advice and assistance in the structuring, negotiation, documentation and closing of all types of transactions related to the real estate industry.


is a law firm located in Bogota, dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services, recognized for its multiculturalism and legal support at national and international level. It stands out for its diverse practice, but at the same time specialized, corporate law, family law and heritage management in different legal areas, mergers and acquisitions, energy and natural resources, financial law, among others. The recognition it receives from its clients highlights not only its commitment to excellence in service, but also the high degree of specialization at the time of providing solutions to complex transactions.


Nos sentimos complacidos por el buen trabajo que ha realizado el bufete de la sociedad IDEAS JUSTICE GROUP S.A.S.. Felicitamos a sus profesionales porque es evidente que sus labores están encaminadas a proteger nuestros intereses y estamos agradecidos por su excelente asesoría y representación legal. Los especialistas en derecho nos han demostrado transparencia, seriedad y cumplimiento de su trabajo. Muchas gracias por todos sus buenos oficios.


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